Message from December’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) Mentor

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Miki Yaguchi

Siemens Healthcare K.K.

Director, Head of Finance

In December 2023, we held a face-to-face mentoring session with participants who took the ELP in November. Miki Taniguchi, Director, Head of Finance, Siemens Healthcare K.K., supported the session as a mentor.

During the mentoring session, she gave us messages such as, “Confidence is something you can acquire through your own actions,” and “Think about what you really want to be in 3 or 5 years from now, not from the perspective of where you are now.

Reasons for accepting to be a mentor

In the past, when I was struggling with my career or the way of work, I was able to move forward by listening to other people’s experiences and thoughts. Therefore, I supported the session as a mentor, hoping that I too could share my own experiences, thoughts, and perspectives to help other women progress their careers.

Message to those who want to be active as female leaders

I think the key to moving forward is not to be constrained by what you think you “should be” or by your “goals”, but rather to be flexible, depending on the situation and surroundings at the time. Please keep it in mind that a path will open up for you by choosing your work and career flexibly.

The dates for next year’s ELP have just been announced! Check the details here.


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