The background

In 2020, The Dream Collective brought together 20 leading organisations in Japan to create a first-of-its-kind book, Together, She Shines Brighter, with the goal of revolutionising the gender equality landscape in Japan. The book ignited a conversation that created so much momentum, we felt compelled to create the next edition. 

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The book

Change doesn’t happen on its own. It’s created by a collective force of individuals working towards the same goal.

TDC Global united business leaders, key opinion leaders and advocates of change from some of Japan’s most established brands to contribute to their book released in 2021, Together, She Soars.

The book contains personal stories from individuals and organisations on how they empowered, mentored, sponsored or supported women in their lives to reach their full potential and collectively sponsor a minimum of 100 high-potential young professional women into leadership development training.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and the significant shifts in the corporate landscape in Japan, the book focused on stories around how participating businesses:

  • Created innovation from a crisis and how that contributed to female advancement
  • Showed resilience in their careers and leadership
  • Bounced back from a difficult time / problem
  • Created an environment for women to progress in their careers
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