The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Maturity Evaluator (DEI-ME) | ダイバーシティ、エクイティ&インクルージョン(DEI)の成熟度評価ツール

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Maturity Evaluator (DEI-ME) is a short survey created by The Dream Collective based on global best practice in DEI for leaders to assess their DEI maturity across their organization.

Through the DEI-ME results, you will be able to:

  • Identify your areas of strength and areas of opportunity that impact DEI and your DEI targets
  • Focus on the right initiatives to optimise effort and resources
  • Facilitate strategic conversations on how to accelerate DEI management in a focused, practical & structured way

Not only do the questions prompt ideas for initiatives, but leaders are encouraged to use the results to determine what DEI initiatives they should prioritise with confidence and enables leaders to build a strong business case that they can revert back to annually to ensure they are making progress.

Example question (on a scale of 1 to 5): My organization’s leadership team actively champions DEI and models inclusive behaviours & attitudes.

Who should complete?

The tool is used by leaders when they are designing or optimising their DEI strategy. The results help them to understand where they should invest their time and resources to see the biggest impact.

How does it work?

The tool allows leaders to assess themselves across 4 pillars that are critical to the success of DEI strategies/initiatives: Hiring, Training, Promoting & Culture. Organisations then fall into one of four maturity stages: Getting Started, On The Journey, Making Progress or Mastering, Scaling & Winning. The results will show them their strengths and areas of opportunities.

The DEI-ME has been modelled after the comprehensive 40-question tool which is available for those seeking a full assessment. If you would like access to the full tool, please contact us.

Stages of DEI Maturity

DEI is a continuous improvement process and at any stage of maturity, it is important to continue to keep innovating solutions to drive change.


ダイバーシティ、エクイティ&インクルージョン(以下、『DEI』とする)の成熟度評価ツール(DEI-ME)は、DEIのグローバル市場における実践的な経験に基づいてThe Dream Collective (以下、『TDC』とする)が開発した調査ツールです。リーダーが組織全体のDEI成熟度を評価するための小規模アンケート調査です。


  • DEI推進影響を与えうるターゲット層、組織の強みと機会を特定する
  • 力の入れ方とリソースを最適化するために、適切な取り組みにフォーカスする
  • DEI推進を加速させるための戦略的対話を、実践的かつ構造的な方法で促進する


質問例(5段階評価):  私の組織では、偏見を排除し、多様な人材がビジネスで成功する機会を増やすために、積極的にデータを収集・分析しています。




このツールは、DEI戦略/取り組みの成功に不可欠な4つの柱において、リーダーが自分自身の組織を評価することができます: 採用、トレーニング、昇進・昇格、文化醸成。回答後、組織は4つの成熟段階のいずれかに分類されます: 「はじめの一歩」、「挑戦継続中」、「進化の途中」、「DEIマスター」。DEI-MEの結果から、組織の強みおよびチャンスとなる領域が分かります。