DEI Deep Dive: APAC’s Path Forward Webinar

The DEI Deep Dive: APAC’s Path Forward webinar we hosted was filled with incredible insights into how to navigate the complexities of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in 2024 and beyond. We explored the future of DEI, how to keep up with industry trends and consumer and employee expectations, and whether to increase or decrease budget and efforts.

We were joined by industry leaders, including Helen Fridell, Senior Director, Chief of Staff & Strategic Programs, CX, APJC, Cisco, Ben Hopkins, Franchise Director – Oceania, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and Sarah Liu, Founder & Managing Director, TDC Global, who provided really actionable advice including:

  • We need to move away from DEI as ticking the boxes to embedding it into the way organisations do everything, both internally and externally
  • To reduce reliance on compliance as the driver make sure your have the right leaders and evaluate not only their targets but also their culture and behaviors
  • Define what “good” looks like at each stage of the journey and what are the tangible benefits for the business, so you can measure the progress and communicate it

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